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Facilitating and Enhancing the Shipping Sector’s contribution towards tackling Climate Change

Fuel consumption
and subsequent CO2 Emissions Verification
The Global Challenge
Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are causing Climate Change, and tackling it, has become a global priority.
90% of world’s trade is carried by sea.
Shipping is responsible for 2.5% of global GHG emissions, emitting 1000 million tonnes of CO2 annually.
Shipping CO2 emissions are predicted to increase between 50%-250% by 2050.
Unless we act efficiently, fast…
The Problem
Facilitating and Enhancing the Shipping Sector’s Contribution, towards tackling Climate Change.
The Solution
SyndeSeas Integrated Solution

An integrated software for GHG Emissions Reporting & Verification, serving all Regulatory requirements and all involved parties at the same time, making compliance easy for all.