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Facilitating and Enhancing the Shipping Sector’s contribution towards tackling Climate Change

Ideas from Europe Competition

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Fuel consumption
and subsequent CO2 Emissions Verification
The Global Challenge
Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are causing Climate Change, and tackling it, has become a global priority.
90% of world’s trade is carried by sea.
Shipping is responsible for 2.5% of global GHG emissions, emitting 1000 million tonnes of CO2 annually.
Shipping CO2 emissions are predicted to increase between 50%-250% by 2050.
Unless we act efficiently, fast…
The Problem
Facilitating and Enhancing the Shipping Sector’s Contribution, towards tackling Climate Change.
The Solution
SyndeSeas Integrated Solution

An integrated software for GHG Emissions Reporting & Verification, serving all Regulatory requirements and all involved parties at the same time, making compliance easy for all.