About Us
Our Solid Commitment is to serve and promote the public interest throughout our activities, whilst being highly and effectively responsive to our clients’ individual and collective needs. In doing so, we commit to maintain a strong focus on the delivery of high quality services, that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.
We acknowledge and undertake our share of responsibility for promoting and enhancing: -Safety and Protection of Life -Safety and Protection of Property -Pollution Prevention for the Protection of the Environment through the provision of high quality Marine & Industrial, Engineering and Consultancy Services, as well as through our Training and Research & Development activities. In pursuit of our Mission & Vision, we strive to continuously improve the quality of our services. We further commit ourselves and our resources to: -Promoting and enhancing Occupational Safety and Health at all workplaces -Raising the level of Environmental Awareness of the public -Actively promoting and supporting environmentally friendly practices and initiatives internally, among our suppliers, clients and partners, as well as within the broader society. -Contributing to Cultural preservation and creation

This is who we are

Naval Architect, Shipping MRV Auditor

Michalis A.

BSc/MSc Mechanical Engineer / Sales Engineed

Nicos F.

Naval Architect, Shipping MRV Auditor

Evangelia F.

IT / Technology Expert

Angelos H.

Maritime Economics

Christoforos A.